We'd like to thank NSF, Sprint Labs and Nortel Networks for their support for the current projects carried out in the lab. And we'd also like to thank 3COM, IBM and Lucent for their generous donation of various equipment for our testbed, which we rely on for experiments.  
Evaluation of the performance and robustness of some of the new Internet service models such as those based on the Expedited Forwarding and the Assured Forwarding models. Supported by Nortel Networks and NSF grant ANI-9906855.
Evaluation of the relation between application and network level performance. In collaboration with The Institue of Telecommunications Science, PennNet and Computing departments of the University of Pennsylvania, and with researchers at iCAIR and IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.
Aggregate versus Individual QoS. Supported through NSF grant ITR-0085930.
QoS extensions to IP routing protocols and traffic engineering applications. Supported in part by NSF grant ANI-9902943 and by a gift from Sprint ATL, and carried out in collaboration with Christophe Diot and his group at Sprint ATL.
Routing and Scheduling Support for Advance Reservation. Supported in part by NSF grant ANI-9902943 and Nortel Networks.
Resource Management in Wireless Networks. Supported by NSF grants ANI 6010793 and CISE 6059276, and by additional support from CECOM.