Roch Guerin

Research Interests: Design and analysis of communications and networking systems with a focus on robust and lightweight protocols and algorithms. Areas of recent focus include routing and traffic engineering, network manageability, leveraging of (path) diversity in wired and wireless settings, and application-centric networking.


Saswati Sarkar

Research Interests: My research interests are in the general area of communication networks with emphasis on resource allocation, routing and scheduling, optimization and control of stochastic systems, distributed systems and algorithms, quality of service and pricing issues and network security.


Alejandro Ribeiro

Research Interests: My research is in Signal Processing and Wireless Communications and Networking theory. I have active research projects in statistical inference in wireless sensor networks, fundamental properties of wireless networks and wireless protocol design.

PhD students

Gaurav S. Kasbekar

Research Interests: Economics of spectrum allocation and management, Coverage and lifetime problems in wireless sensor networks


Ceyhun Eksin

Research Interests: Technological and Social Network Optimization

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Mehdi Nikkhah

Research Interests: Communications Networks, Information Theory and Network Coding, Social Networks, Game Theory

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Mohammad Hadi Afrasiabi

Research Interests: Social and Technological Networks and Network Economics.


Yichuan Hu

Research Interests: Communication Networks


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Soheil Eshghi

Research Interests: Game theory, Optimal Control, Queuing and Routing.

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Behnaz Arzani

Research Interests: Network Protocols, Robust Routing in Communication Networks, Development of Networking Simulation and Emulation Software, Social Networks.

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Felicia Lin

Research Interests: Stochastic Optimization, Distributed Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Communication Networks, Multi-agent Systems in General.

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Mohammad Hassan Lotfi

Research Interests: Wireless networks and Game theory.

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Arnob Ghosh

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Santiago Segarra

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Wei Mu

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James Stephan


Graduated PhD students (ordered by year of graduation)

Ashwin Sridharan

Graduated in 2004, presently at Sprint Labs

Rute Sofia

Graduated in 2004, presently at INESC Porto, Portugal

Yaqing Huang

Graduated in 2005, presently in Jane Street Capital, LLC.

Prasanna Chaporkar

Graduated in 2005, presently at IIT Mumbai, India

Shu Tao

Graduated in 2005, presently at IBM, NY

Ying Xu

Graduated in 2005, presently at Aspera Soft, CA

Evangelos Vergetis

Graduated in 2006, presently at McKinsey & Co., USA

Dhanant Subhadrabandhu

Graduated in 2006, presently with CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, Thailand.

Ratul K. Guha

Graduated in 2008, presently with Telcordia, New Jersey


Eric Kwong

Graduated in 2011.

Soumya Sen

Graduated in 2011.

M. H. Rezaei Khouzani (Arman R. Khouzani)

Graduated in 2011.


Ex-Post Doctoral Researchers

Youngmi Jin

Research Professor
Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea


Saikat Ray

Redback Networks (Ericsson)
San Jose, CA


Graduated MS students
  Wael Ashmawi
Srihari Narasimhan
Vasileios A. Karyotis
Wei Bi
Alireza Aram
Ramesh Ramakrishnan Subbaraman

Pramod Vaidyanathan

Pei Yan
Simran Paul Singh

Victor Chukwuka

Umang Soni


Faculty Collaborators

Kartik Hosanagar

Santosh Venkatesh
Michael Greenwald
Saleem Kassam
Sanjeev Khanna
Vijay Kumar
Jonathan Smith
Camillo J. Taylor

Srisankar Kunniyur